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Cíl je v Dakaru

12. etapa

Start: Saint Louis mapa africa eco race 2015
Cíl: Dakar
Den: 11. ledna 2015
Spojovačka: 230 km
Speciálka: 24 km
Spojovačka: 286 km 
Total 495 km

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The last Bivouac will be installed in the outskirts of Saint Louis, one of the biggest cities in Senegal located in the confines of the Ocean, the Sahara and the Bush. After yet another night under the star filled sky above Senegal, it is light hearted that the finishers of the AFRICA ECO RACE® 2015 will set off on the last liaison towards the fishing town of Kayar on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean where the lined up start will take place on the beach. The last 24 kilometres stage will sound like a gift and for some a relief. The podium will be held on the shore of Lac Rose, where all the heroes of this seventh edition will receive their trophies, which should be once again the theatre of lots of emotion and happiness.